President’s Trump’s Inaugaration

Megan Barbour, Reporter

On January 20th 2017, with his right hand on the Lincoln Bible , Donald J. Trump was sworn into office as the 45th president. Despite the rain, which he tweeted about bringing omens of good luck, hundreds of thousands of people gathered to watch the historical event.

On January 25th 2017 Donald Trump signed an executive order taking the first step to build the Mexican-US border wall.

“Our president needs to genuinely care about the people “My concern is that he’s planning to build a wall that will create segregation between the US and Mexico. He can make us thrive again, but if he makes decisions carelessly then we will end up like the Great Depression,” sophomore Cassidy Johns said.

The unemployment rate from 2008 (the year Obama was elected) was a 4.9% but when he left office in 2017 it was at a 9.1%.

“Since Donald isn’t a socialist , he will impact the economy positively,” sophomore Ashley Maddox said. “My goal for Trump is for him to live up to my expectations of him: creating more jobs in America.”

Time Magazine’s person of the year issue for 2016 states that the American people are fearful of Trump’s ties to Russia, especially since Donald’s secretary of state, Rex Tillerson, who has a close-knit relationship with Russian leader Vladimir Putin.

“It’s essential to have strength and courage to deal with the good and bad things that come with being in charge.”   said sophomore Grace Hogan. “Trump will allow us to grow as a whole and decrease the amount of debt, also we will make peace with other countries.” Hogan said.“Trump has been a businessman for many years, so he has knowledge of the economy. Trump will allow us to grow as a whole and decrease the amount of debt, also we will make peace with other countries.” the sophomore said. 

Donald made quite a few campaign promises, so far according to CNN Politics, on January 27th, 2017  he has fulfilled blocking Syrian refugees, improving Russian relations,planning the building of a border wall, setting up deportation of illegal immigrants, starting to repeal and replace Obamacare,and withdrawing the TPP. (Trans- Pacific Partnership)

James Davis, senior at Altavista High School, who actually attended the inauguration said,” Trump needs to have the willingness and ability to have patience and discipline to  guide others to achieve a common goal to be successful.”  Davis is concerned that Trump “Won’t live up to his main campaign promises, and will jeopardize relations with key allies.”  Davis is most hopeful for Donald to “repeal and replace the affordable care act, and rebuild the national infrastructure.” In his opinion the most important issue in the in the US is the economy. “Economics are the backbone  to nearly all the US policy, both foreign and domestic. The US should take care of it’s people before any other , because it’s  the government’s duty to serve and protect the people of the US, as said in the constitution.”