Her Mission to Travel the World


Gabi Hogg, Reporter

There are different ways to travel the world and there are challenges that one will face while getting there. People need to find the time, money and transportation that will get them to their destination. Junior Misti Morrissey travels with her church on missions trips and has been to Russia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Japan and Cambodia. She experienced the different cultures from these countries and found new ways to see the world differently than she did before.

“Travelling is my heart. I used to live in Ohio so it’s like if I had just lived in Ohio or Virginia then I wouldn’t see the world they way I see it now. I like to parallel the way America looks at things and how Thailand looks at things and how Russia looks at things,” Morrissey said. “It’s so different and I like that I can see that. I can see how everyone says the world is so big and there are some differences, or a lot of differences, you can see how small the world really is.”

Morrissey lived in Thailand for the first five years of her life because her parents were missionaries but only remembers the last year of being there. Morrissey has even started thinking about what other trips she wants to take, in the future.

“I’m going to Costa Rica this summer and I’m planning on doing a gap year before college and just going on a year of travelling,” the junior said. “Maybe I’ll go back to Costa Rica or do a year of missions work and Thailand just became an option. So I’m still trying to figure out what to do.”

Last year, she spent 12 days in Russia with her youth group. They spent long days and nights working with the natives and talking about their faith.

“Last year when I went to Russia I went with 12 of my best friends and that experience of being able to grow in the Lord with them was really crazy. We actually all have gotten super close that we now consider each other family,” Morrissey said. “We had moments where we would stay up until four o’clock in the morning from jet lag and we would just talk about life and talk about Jesus. It was just really cool and I loved it.”

Morrissey is also part of the girls soccer team. During her time in Russia, she worked with teenagers that played soccer and other sports, too.

“There was a sports ministry and so we went and played soccer with a bunch of the natives and the people that lived there. We played soccer with a group of teenage guys around my age and it was just really funny to see their reaction to playing soccer with a girl,” she said. “In that culture girls play soccer but they are basically there to be cheerleaders for the guys. They don’t try very hard and me and a couple of the other girls that were with me played and we were playing fairly well. That’s just one of the coolest memories; being able to play the thing that I play regularly here and then being able to go all the way to the other side of the world and play it with people from a completely different culture. That was really crazy for me.”