Talent Show

Morgan Schmitt, Reporter

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The Talent Show is an event where students can perform their special talents in front of an audience that includes friends, teachers, parents and other peers. To perform students must audition for a spot in the show. Not all of the students make the cut due to many students doing the same type of talent. For the students who do make it, then have to practice their routine and get ready to showcase their talent. Sophomore Sarah Bergin couldn’t wait to show her talent.

“I enjoy dancing and I wanted to showcase my talent. When I made it, I was excited and I was excited about the people I would be performing beside. I like to see people’s reactions when I dance and I like to share emotions. I enjoyed knowing that I made people feel things. Put what people think of you aside. If you are talented enough to make it into the actual talent show, you can show off your talent,” Bergin said.  

This year, the Talent Show was scheduled to be after school instead of during school as it is usually put on for the students during school hours. According to Sophomore Mikayla Spruce performing after school is more comfortable.

“My friend Jasmine and I are in chorus and she asked me to do the show with her. We sang “Like I’m Gonna Lose You”, by Meghan Trainor and John Legend. I wanted to pass out because I get nervous in front of people. I liked the talent show after school because I feel more comfortable performing for adults,” Spruce said.

The chorus class decided to join the Talent Show as well, singing a song from the Lion King. Students who participated in chorus volunteered themselves to show off their talents.

“I was participating with my chorus class,” sophomore Kayla Georgiana said. “We sang a song called “In the Jungle” from the “Lion King.” I was shaking while performing but after I was on stage for a minute, I was calm. Chorus rehearsed over a couple of weeks and before we went on. There were about twenty people singing in the group,” Georgiana said.