One Last Year With Brookville’s Seniors

One Last Year With Brookvilles Seniors

Erin McKown, Reporter

For seniors, their last year at Brookville can appear daunting; college, jobs, and total independence awaiting them after graduation. Though bidding goodbyes to memories of Brookville is long off, students are still planning ahead and considering their future lives and careers.

“Senior year is about graduation, knowing that you have one last year,” said senior Skylar Kidd. “I want to go to Central Virginia Community College for at least two years, and then the possibility of Old Dominion College on the west coast of Virginia. Right now, I’m in Swarm, Red Cross, Key Club, and Possa and I am taking some AP classes like AP Statistics.”

For fellow senior Sierra Maulbeck, the idea of her last year at Brookville is still a shock. She garners strong feelings for the school and its staff, and the thought of graduating in June is difficult for her to comprehend.

“It’s so overwhelming, It hasn’t hit me that I’m a senior yet; I feel like a junior,” said Maulbeck. “The only thing that’s real is I’m parking in the senior parking lot. I’m going to miss everything. All the teachers are so nice and I love everyone in this school, so I’m going to miss the people from school.”

However, students such as senior Jonathan McFadden like being seniors because of the increased freedom associated with graduation and different aspects of being in senior year.

“Being a senior is a big accomplishment for me. I worked very hard to get to this point,” said McFadden. “My favorite thing about being a senior is getting out of class early to go to lunch. When I graduate, I would like to go to college to learn to be a welder. It’s the best feeling that I’ll be graduating in the next couple of months. I just wish I never got into so much trouble over the past couple of years. For incoming freshmen, don’t get in trouble. That is the one thing I would change if I could.”