Newsies the Musical

Morgan Schmitt, Reporter

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Newsies, the off Broadway show produced by Alluvion Stage Company, was shown from September 15 to October first on the Liberty University campus. Alluvian allowed Liberty students to audition for the musical and perform for numerous audiences. Newsies started out as an original movie in 1992 before the Broadway show was produced. The original Disney movie was about underprivileged kids that sell newspapers. The owners of the newspaper company decide to raise the prices of the papers, the kids do not like the company’s decision because the newspapers were harder to sell which resulted in the kids going on strike. The success of the film brought the show a place on the Broadway headlines.

“I really like the choreography and the storyline,” junior Sarah Bergin said. My favorite part was the “Seize the Day” scene which is the part where the kids decide to go on strike. I had never seen Newsies before but I am really involved in theatre and I like all the productions I have seen so far,” Bergin said.

The production gave the people of Lynchburg a chance to get involved in the process of the musical. According to sophomore Marcela Pineda, her friend performed with the Alluvion Stage Company.

“This was my first time seeing Newsies,” Pineda said. “My friend, Zach Fair, was in Newsies, and it was really fun watching him. He was one of the main characters doing the tricks and flips. The actors just did a really good job with everything. My favorite part was definitely where the main boy and girl characters kiss because I did not see it coming. I decided to see Newsies because Mr. Hastie gave us the opportunity to go see it. I was like it seems like and cool show and my friend is in too so why not go,” Pineda said.

Newsies entertained the viewers and a viewer who was excited was junior Lydia Bible. She saw multiple Newsies productions.

Newsies is my favorite show of all time,” Bible said. “When I first heard it was going to be at Liberty, I squealed. The design, choreography, and set were great. I loved the song “Sante Fe” that the lead sings. He was a heartfelt guy that brought the audience into the feel of the song. “King of New York” was also my favorite part. It was really tap dance heavy and really fun and cool. I have seen the original movie of Newsies and the filmed Broadway showing before but I was ecstatic when the musical came out,” Bible said.

Liberty students were cast alongside professional actors and Allie Hamlin related Newsies to the conflict with the audience’s reaction to the NFL National Anthem scandal  after watching the musical.

“My mom had tickets right behind the first row and it was intimidating to see the musical in the front but it was a high quality production,” Hamlin said, “Something that interested me was that there were two professional actors that played Crutchie and Jack Kelly, so it was fun to see them. I have so many favorite parts but one was when Jack Kelly introduced his artwork and when they planned a revolution to go on strike. Newsies relates to the NFL situation. The boys didn’t like what was happening with the newspapers, so they stood up for themselves and people didn’t like when the football players kneeled. We didn’t like what they did so people started standing up for what they believed in,” Hamlin said.