Sew They Go To Competition

Phoenix Pribble, Reporter

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In preparation for upcoming competitions, winter guard has been training on a weekly basis this season, under the lead of their new coach. This year’s theme is sewing a dress. Their first competition will be January the 27th, at Hanover High School.

On Saturdays, practice may be from 8:00 A.M. to 8:00 P.M., though guard members generally have a good time during their exercise routines.

“Practice is fun in my opinion,” freshman Darrah Meyer said. “We start off by stretching, then we do curl ups or we run laps for the length of our show, then we will typically break into groups and work on things individually. We end practice by doing a full run of our show then folding the floor up. I can’t think of any particularly strong or weak points of us as a group, but I think that everyone is making lots of good practice and we are all good as a whole.”

Freshman Erin Brown also has fun in training with other guard members.

“Usually we warm up first then we go into group work if we need to where all the different sections work together on the work they have, then we do a few fun throughs adding the stuff we learned,”  Brown said. “With the new coach we’ve definitely learned a new practice schedule and new way of learning the work.”

Competitions are all day events for the guard, where they prepare to compete and then go over what happened and didn’t happen during the performance.

“We leave early in the morning and get to the school,” sophomore Natalie Wade said. “We are given time to do hair and makeup then we go to warm up. We do body warm up and equipment warm up and then we perform hopefully well. After we talk about the performance, discussing what we did wrong and right and if we have performed better before then. After we perform we watch other guards and eat. On the ride back the coaches have the scores and we fully discuss the performance, and it’s really fun.”

This year, the theme is sewing a dress, and aspects of this concept are incorporated into guard activities.

“It’s a very pretty and light hearted show,” Wade said. “We have fabrics, aprons, and skirts. We also have a dressing room and sewing tables to go with the theme. We are farther into the show than last year at this time, and we’re more organized and functional.”

Being on the team is special to each member of guard, as they are all close and have formed strong friendships.

“To every member it’s a bit different but to me it means having somewhere to go when I need something to make me happy and express myself and being around people I care for,” Brown said.