Logan Paul Exploits Dead Man for Views

Erin McKown, Reporter

Popular vlogger Logan Paul recently took to Aokigahara Forest, an infamous suicide forest in Japan to film what he originally claimed to be a “ghost-spotting” video. However, the video took a dark turn as Paul, his cameraman, and his companions stumbled across a dead man hanging from a tree.

Logan Paul then proceeded to film the corpse, pointing out different gruesome aspects of the body. Afterwards, Logan and his friends began cracking jokes and laughing, causing widespread outrage among millions of people.

Popular YouTubers such as PewDiepie, JackSepticEye, RiceGum, Keemstar, and others, took to their channels to preach against Paul’s actions, calling him out for disrespecting the dead man as well as projecting his corpse to his fans. His fanbase consists of mostly children.

Despite the scrutiny Paul is experiencing, he claims the video of the dead man was simply to promote suicide awareness, and submitted an apology to his Twitter. However, people still continued to contest his claim of “raising suicide awareness.”

“I liked Logan, but now I don’t really like him anymore,” junior Mikayla James said. “What he did was wrong. He should’ve stopped filming and waited later to post something else. He’s stupid for posting anything graphic like that.”

Even the Buddy Project, a non-profit suicide awareness association, condemned the actions of Logan Paul, tweeting out, “Your [Logan Paul] recent video about the Aokigahara forest is irresponsible and disrespectful” and “If you want to raise awareness for suicide, there are much better way to do so than showing the dead body of someone who died by suicide.”

However, flaunting a man’s corpse was only the start of Logan Paul’s terrorization of the Japanese people. In another vlog, he attended a Buddhist temple in Tokyo, filming and mocking the traditions there. He also threw plush Pokemon balls at cars, people, and bicycles, joking that he was going to “catch them” in line with the plot of the Japanese anime, Pokemon. Other distasteful acts included trying to get people to take dead fish, running through a marketplace screaming, and even undressing on a zebra crossing.

“What Logan Paul did in Japan was immature and disrespectful to the Japanese culture,” junior Sarah Light said. “When someone has that much of a following and influence on today’s kids and abuses that influence, that’s a pure disgrace. Logan Paul is over.”

Japanese exchange student Reina Senda was also offended by what Logan Paul did, and condemns his actions.

“I can’t believe him,” said the sophomore. “He is not a good person. He should’ve respected Japanese culture more.”

As if punishing Paul, YouTube cut his ad revenue by 50%, and removed him from acting in season four of the YouTube Red series “Foursome”. Paul’s channel and videos also will not appear in Google Preferred, which allows advertisers to pay to place their advertisements on videos that gain lots of views.