Brookville Theater Presents “The Lion King Kids”

Morgan Schmitt, Reporter

On Saturday February 17, the Lion King will be performed by first through sixth graders who are apart of the Brookville winter acting camp. There will be four shows that will happen throughout the day. The first show will be at 10 a.m., the second at 11:30 a.m., the third at 2 p.m. and the fourth show is at 3:30 p.m. The performances will be 30 minutes each as a shortened version of the Disney’s original production. The tickets are five dollars per person. The director Mrs. Emanuel and her advanced acting students have helped the kids prepare for their performance for six weeks.

“It is the same as the classic film, same story line with the same main characters, but we limited a few of the subjects to make it more kid appropriate, so it is more friendly for the kids to do,” junior Sarah Bergin said. “I think personally, Mrs. Emanuel loves the music in that show, but it fits well with the kids because it is up beat and entertaining. I am backstage helping the kids get their costumes together and I make sure they are in the right order so everything is under control. The kids have had a lot of help from the advanced acting class with their music and their notes. We try to encourage the kids to get better and to get them to pursue acting later on,” Bergin said.

The kids in the Lion King production have been working hard and practicing each Saturday for five hours throughout four weeks. The kids auditioned for parts and were chosen based off of their age, talent, and grade. 

“ I am a counselor in the camp, I obviously have my own shows to do for high school but I love helping the little kids. For this show, I help the kids with their lines, learn their songs and help them stand on stage where they need to be. Our practice is every Saturday, for five hours. They have been practicing for four weeks and they have gotten so much stronger. ” The sophomore said. The kids are usually chosen for parts by what grade they’re in and how old they are. The camp is from first grade to sixth grade, so usually the older kids get the leads because it is their last year. Sometimes the little kids do get big parts and actually a first grader is playing Simba. The parts are based on talent and some of them are based on age. ” Muncher said.

The director, Mrs. Emanuel, has been directing the kids acting camp for four years, and thinks the Lion King is a show for the whole family to see.

“We have four productions with 95 kids that will be performing. We have been doing kids camps now for four years and the Lion King is our next show. We have met for four Saturdays and they have learned all of their blocking and all of their songs. They have been doing a really good job. The show is going to be fabulous, it is a lot of fun and the kids are fun to see on stage. It is fun for the whole family and the tickets are only five dollars,” Emanuel said.