Black Panther


Brookville sophomores enjoy a showing of Black Panther at Regal 14 Cinemas.

Logan Dail, Editor

The hype delivered for Marvel Studios’ “Black Panther” with the opening weekend bringing in $238 Million dollars in the U.S. and $404 Million dollars worldwide. It scored a 97% on Rotten Tomatoes which is the highest any Marvel movie has scored, along with an 87/100 on Metacritic and a 7.9/10 on IMDB.

“I love how they showed African culture and how the characters live their lives. It finally gives us a hero we can look up to that’s not just a sidekick or a small time character,” senior Tyler Boyd said. “He’s this king who has more money than anyone in comics, and I think it’s cool that he’s African instead of the average white guy that we see all the time.”

One aspect of the movie that had many people talking was King T’Challa’s new suit he used in combat. It was a major update from his last suit he used in “Captain America Civil War.” 

“His suit was really cool with how it stored kinetic energy when he got hit by anything. Then he was able to use it for stronger attacks,” senior C.J. Blackwelder said.

Another part of the movie that received praise was the antagonist “Killmonger.” He seemed to give the villain role a new angle and made many question if he was really the bad guy.

“Killmonger was really cool but I wish he could have been king longer. They didn’t really give him time to really set in his views when he was king,” senior Alan Parker said. “My only problem with the movie was they did so much with the story in just two and a half hours. I think they could have extended the story into a trilogy and put more detail into things.”

“Black Panther” is part of a long line of movies in a shared universe called the “Marvel Cinematic Universe” or “MCU” as most call it. It is set in the third phase of the universe and leads right up to “Avengers Infinity War” which  hits theatres on May 3. The MCU will be ten years old on the day “Infinity War” comes out. Marvel plans on making over 20 more movies in the coming years following the same plot.