Timberlake Road Suffers Tornado Blow

As the tornado struck Lynchburg and the surrounding areas, trees were knocked over in some residential neighborhoods. Unfortunately, Waterlick Garage suffered damage and cannot help this Kia Soul. Photo courtesy of WSET-13 News.

Erin McKown

On April 15th, Lynchburg suffered a storm that left parts of the city damaged, specifically the Brookville district.

The storm included a tornado that hit around the Timberlake-Waterlick area, destroying several businesses such as MedExpress and Floorshow. Buildings from the Big Lots shopping center to McDonald’s were hit as well. Cars parked outside of Burger King were flipped upside down and the restaurant itself was damaged. Later on, the stretch of Timberlake road from the intersection at Greenview to Waterlick was closed off by police.

Sophomore Victoria Enochs, who lives on Waterlick, had a first hand account of the storm.

“The tornado was right next to our house,” Enochs said. “We were out on the road and my mom saw it. My house is okay and is just wet but it was still like ‘wow’. My aunts were out in the rain later, telling us the situation, and shops got knocked over and their windows got broken.”

While Lynchburg residents near the Timberlake-Waterlick area felt most of the impact, others were not as badly hit.

“The tornado and storm wasn’t near me,” freshman Jillian Schulz said, who lives around the Wildwood community. “My family is safe.”

“There was a tornado that was on Turkey Foot, which is about two miles from my house,” junior Carly Mullins added.

As firefighters, police, and EMS work to make sure citizens are safe and unharmed by the storm, people such as sophomore Taylor Curlee are trying to look on the positive side of things.

“At least the Yamazatos are okay,” Curlee said humorously.

Brookville staff and student volunteers gathered together the day after the tornado hit to help clean away debris scattered across Brookville’s campus. Storms also affected places such as Danville, Madison Heights, and surrounding areas.