Tech Center Students Reflect on Classes

Phoenix Pribble

Many students elected to spend part of their days at the Tech Center to work on more specialized work, that prepared them for the real world. In a more hands on learning environment, some students flourished without the presence of a teacher looking over them.

“It taught me how to act in the real world,” said senior Landon Evans. “It’s a real situation where people do bring in their vehicles and if we don’t get it right, then we have to start over. What you do there will really affect how your future will be. And at the tech center they treat you as an adult. If you mess up, that’s your fault.”

Courses offered at the Tech Center included a variety of practical subjects, such as nursing, cosmetology, culinary, auto body, and working with computers. Along with several of the courses came certifications, which can allow for students to be employed right after high school.

“I liked working underneath the hood,” senior Matthew Anderson said, who took the auto body course. “I liked the environment, and I could get away from the hassle of being in a classroom. I’ve had to learn to mix to paint, mix primer, and all the things you spread on the car to make it look nice.”

For Anderson, he plans to use what he learned at the Tech Center to help serve the army someday.

“I plan on going into the army with my certification,” Anderson said. “I want to work on any type of vehicle in the army with auto body and mechanics. You can actually get paid a lot, too. It’s a lot safer than going out.”

There were many different teachers at the Tech Center that students learned from, and senior Allison Dyke definitely appreciated that.

“It’s taught me that every teacher is different,” said Dyke. “It’s helpful to know how to work with different type of professors, how to learn differently from them.”

Students were given the opportunity to make new relationships with a mixed variety of classmates from other high schools around the county as well.

“I think one of the best things was definitely getting to meet people from other schools,” said Dyke. “In every program you’re there with people from Rustburg, Altavista and William Campbell. If you were just at Brookville the whole time, you wouldn’t have that opportunity to be with people like that or even have a chance to meet them. That’s really cool because you can find your best friends there.”