Indoor Percussion Ends Its Season On A High Note

“Uninvited” was the name of the show, but indoor percussion certainly showed up at its last competition.

“My favorite part about indoor percussion is getting to know the people I work with,” junior Allyson Wilson said. “I’m so proud of our group because we worked hard to gain this achievement. I plan on doing indoor percussion my senior year. I’ve loved it these past few years and I never want to stop.” 

Having to work with your peers that often forges new friendships and memories. Being able to have a group of people you can be yourself with is one of the keys to success in a large group.

“During this season I made a bear at Build-A-Bear with my friends and his name is Bip which stands for Brookville Indoor Percussion, and we treat him like he is a part of the band fam,” freshman Caleb Fusco said. “My favorite part in indoor percussion is being with my friends, being able to be myself, and laughing all the time.” 

With great practice comes great accomplishments, and though he had struggle in the beginning, sophomore Jamari Anthony definitely lit up the timpani, helping percussion score at their championships.

“I didn’t know how to play timpani at all when I started. It was hard to learn at first, but I got the hang of it as it went on,” the sophomore stated. “People should join for the experience of meeting new people and working hard for one goal and reaching it.” 

Not only are these students just playing instruments, they are portraying characters and telling a story, with each year’s show being different from the last. 

“Each year the shows get more extravagant and detailed and intense,” senior Anna Reynolds said. “This year’s show was particularly fun because we got to be ghosts and wear scary costumes with dark makeup. Taking the role of the character is always fun and exciting especially when giving a performance to people who don’t know what to expect.” 

“I had been stressing over this one part of the music all season and didn’t think I was going to play it right,” Reynolds continued. “When it got to that moment, I played it perfectly and realized all my hard work was worth it. I was so proud of myself and am going to miss those victorious moments. I always think back to my first year and the substantial progress we’ve made each year. Indoor has left such a mark on my life and I am forever thankful to have been a part of such an inspiring and motivating program.”