Lynchburg’s Tornado Victims- Summer’s Story

Phoenix Pribble, Reporter

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After Sunday night’s tornado, many places in Lynchburg had clean up crews try to help assess and fix damages. The storm destroyed buildings on Timberlake road and also affected some Brookville students, leaving lasting damage on their houses and property.

Junior Summer Myers, who lives near Timberlake road, had a first hand account of the tornado that touched down near her.

“My parents and two sisters were in the living room,” said Myers. “I never actually heard the tornado but they did and it kind of came out of nowhere. I was sitting by my window and i just heard extremely bad wind. The power had went out a few minutes before and a few seconds later, my dad comes running in, yelling for me to go downstairs with everyone. When I went into the living room, it was like our roof was going to come off. We got downstairs and stayed there until it was over. Our windows were kind of open and the wind was terrible. It almost blew me from the inside.”

The tornado damaged Myers’s home and cars parked outside.

“It’s completely messy,” she continued. “Two huge trees fell behind our house and one fell in the front. A small one fell and hit the back of my mom’s car. My dad’s car and especially my sister’s got messed up. There was a metal roof wrapped around hers and our garage door was almost ripped off. The shingles on the roof are almost coming off and the gutters came off. We had a dumpster from the store below our house fly up here. It was definitely scary but only about three minutes, so not very long. But it was crazy, a lot to take in.”

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Lynchburg’s Tornado Victims- Summer’s Story