Prom Night at the Kirkley


Posing in her prom dress, junior Bailey Livingston is accompanied by senior Ethan Valentine, sophomore Daniel Garrett, and her prom date, sophomore Noah Fulmer.

Erin McKown

“The Last Waltz” was the theme of this year’s prom, inspired by and modeled after High School Musical 3’s prom. Held at the Kirkley Hotel, the event lasted from 8 to 11:30, and took place on May 5th. Students dressed up formally, and either with friends or dates, attended the event.

“I really like the whole atmosphere. You can be formal with your friends and can dance, and just go have fun,” junior Morgan Burns said. “I personally don’t hang out with my friends at school a lot, so prom is a great opportunity. I think the Kirkley was a good choice for prom. It’s really nice and really classy.”

Burns met her date through her sister’s boyfriend, and spent the evening with a group of friends. Burns also enjoyed searching for the perfect dress to wear, even though she held a negative first impression.

“At first, I thought my dress was really ugly on the hanger, and I thought ‘this looks hideous, let’s try it on,’” Burns said. “So I tried it on, and it’s the best thing I’ve ever worn in my life. It’s a keeper.”

However, for people like junior McKenzie Marvin, the search for the perfect prom outfit was a bit more personal.

“The story behind my dress is that I went prom shopping with my dad and he found my dress on the first try,” Marvin said. “It fits me perfectly.”

Marvin attended prom with her boyfriend, junior Matthew Zimmerman, and the two celebrated their one month anniversary as well at the event.

“I asked my boyfriend to prom. I drew up prom on a poster, and for the ‘o’, I drew a football because he’s a football player. Today is where we start our one month anniversary, so it makes it extra special for us.”

Marvin also gave advice for rising juniors planning on coming to prom.

“For future juniors, if you want to get the perfect dress and the perfect date, think about it not a month before, but like five months before,” Marvin said. “It’s your only junior prom, and I want to dance and live it up, and be with my friends and my boyfriend.”

However, for senior Yvette Cordier, prom is better spent with friends than with a date.

“I didn’t come with a date because I didn’t need one, to be honest. I don’t want to have someone breathing down my neck every few seconds, even though that sounds weird. I would rather have more fun by myself versus having someone else saying, ‘This might be fun. This might be fun,’” Cordier said. “It’s my senior year, so I decided to do something fun. Plus, prom is a once in a lifetime opportunity.”