What’s Up? Que Pasa! Spanish Club Takes Trip to Richmond

Holding a colorful macaw, French and Spanish teacher Mrs. Kendra Turner thoroughly enjoyed the festival.

Holding a colorful macaw, French and Spanish teacher Mrs. Kendra Turner thoroughly enjoyed the festival.

Erin McKown

On Saturday, the Spanish Club traveled to Richmond to celebrate Cinco De Mayo at the Que Pasa Festival. The club left at 9:45 in the morning and returned around 5 that evening, with nineteen students present.

Cinco De Mayo, a holiday celebrating the Mexican army’s victory against French forces at the Battle of Puebla in 1862 has largely been celebrated among Mexican-Americans and endorsed by large-brand companies throughout the year.

“I connected to Que Pasa, because I found people selling jewelry from all Hispanic countries and all different types of Hispanic food that I know,” junior Clara Cedillo said. “I loved the music playing, and it’s nice to see everyone there. It’s a really nice festival for anyone who wants to go. Especially for Mexicans who want to understand who they are and their culture.”

However, Cedillo was annoyed by the number of American food vendors that attended the festival, despite the day being dedicated to Mexican culture.

“I wish they would eliminate the American food there,” Cedillo said. “It’s a day for Hispanics.”

For sophomore McKenzie Rigney, Cinco De Mayo is a largely Americanized holiday, but she believes the Que Pasa festival helped Americans to be exposed to aspects of Mexican culture.

“Cinco De Mayo is really only a holiday Americans celebrate for an excuse to drink alcohol, but I think the festival allows us to see Mexican and other Latin American cultures, and helps us celebrate it,” Rigney said. “My favorite part was trying new foods, and I enjoyed experiencing some of the Latin American culture the festival showed.”

As for sophomore Andrew Abernathy, the food vendors were enticing, and he found it exciting to try authentic Mexican cuisine.

“I tried Mexican corn on the cob, which was quite good,” Abernathy said. “So my favorite part was definitely the food. However, I wish there weren’t so many business vendors there, like AT&T. It kind of took away from the festival.”