Art Show

Zach Miles

Morgan Schmitt, Reporter

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The annual art show took place on Thursday, May 3rd. Students and teachers had the chance to see the talented artists and their creations. The artists were judged and some of the students won various prizes based on their creations. As the students and teachers walked through the art show, different styles of art were set up to show what the artists have been working so hard to finish this school year. The viewers were able to pick their favorite pieces while walking around the show. There were portraits, paper mache animals, pottery and ceramics.

“Art is a way to express your feelings where you cannot use your words,” junior Linnea Margiotta said. “There are too many pieces to pick a favorite one from. There is a glass piece where it shows It, the book and the movie, that is really interesting. The show shows the talent that comes from different places.” 

Although all of the viewers of the show are not artists, there was a piece of art everyone could be inspired by and connect with. There were many styles of art for the viewers to choose a favorite creations.

“The art show shows the imagination and the creativity of the students,” Ms. Glaize said. “There are too many pieces to chooses from. I love some of this pottery with all of the shapes and colors. If you can do something like this, think how creative you are, you can do anything. It makes me want to be able to do it and I cannot even draw a straight line.” 

The judges consisted of different teachers choosing their favorite creations and what stood out to them. Some students won multiple prizes for their different style of pieces.

“I pick what just stood out to me,” said Ms. Bond. “The eagle piece I picked got third. My favorite piece was the eagle piece because it looks a bird coming out of his nest. The art show shows other students that they can try something different. Not everyone is good at one thing so you do not know what you are good at until you try something. Art is a feeling, you might not be able to understand it but you can appreciate it.”