Meet Kaitlyn Swan: Tennis Star and Art Prodigy


Erin McKown

Finishing off her last year at Brookville, senior Kaitlyn Swan is also finishing off her last season of tennis. As the number one player on the team, Swan served as both captain and the strongest player. Despite playing through most of her high school career, Swan revealed that, at first, she didn’t like the sport.

“I started playing with my sister and at first I didn’t really like tennis,” Swan said. “I wanted to play softball, and I tried out at Brookville twice in a row and I didn’t make it, so I thought I should just try tennis. I ended up loving it, and God made me shine through tennis.”

After she had begun playing on the tennis team, Swan made new friends and developed her skill to become one of the best players at Brookville. She found that both positivity and devotion helped her success in the sport.

“Practice is the key, honestly. You have to put your heart into it, and you have to have a good mentality when you go into it,” Swan said. “Tennis is more like a mental game, and you either win or lose the game before you even walk onto the court. I try to stay positive no matter if the team is doing bad or not, and I don’t like to be cocky or stubborn if we do continue to do good. I try to be supportive of everyone, and I also try to show God through playing, because that’s more important than anything.”

Although her tennis skill is well known among the Brookville community, Swan also prospers at art. Winning several first place ribbons at Brookville’s 2018 Art Show, Swan naturally picked up the talent when she was younger.

“When I was little, I did a lot of craft stuff. When we had holidays and birthdays, I would always draw and make crafts for people, and I would always have coloring books,” Swan said. “My cousin and I would always see how long we could stay up coloring, and I think that’s why I got so interested and good at art.”

However, despite being talented in art and tennis, Swan found her calling to be towards a different field- dental. Although she was eligible for tennis scholarships, Swan decided dentistry was right for her.

“I want to go into dental after high school. I didn’t know what I wanted to do after high school, and I just kept praying to God and asking him to give me an answer,” Swan said. “All of a sudden it came to my head, and I thought ‘I like teeth. Teeth are pretty interesting’. I volunteered at a dentist office, and I liked it. It was really cool. The weird thing is, growing up, I hated going to the dentist so much. Now I guess I want to face that fear. I’m going to go to an eight week dental program after high school.”

Nearing graduation now, Swan reflected back on important ideas she learned to live by, giving advice for younger classes.

“No matter what happens, just don’t get down on yourself,” Swan said. “Even though things might not go as planned and you have to go another route, it will still take you to where you’re supposed to be.”