Bees Triumph Over Their First Home Football Game


Zyaiah Harvey

The Bees face off against Waynesboro as junior Anthony McDougal prepares to begin the play.

Erin McKown

Last Friday, Brookville’s varsity football team faced off in their first home game against Waynesboro. The football team secured the win with a large amount of touchdowns, beating Waynesboro 61-3. With Swarm lining the bleachers, students donned camouflage apparel to keep with the theme of the night.

For senior Chris Cline, Waynesboro was easy to defeat, and Brookville’s dominance was evident.

“We handled our business,” Cline said. “We were the better team and showed that early on.”

Spectators of the game ranged from grandparents to toddlers, with a mass amount of the Brookville student body present to witness the first football game at the home field.

“It was pretty fun,” sophomore Gabriella Navas-Barbour said, who was one of the game’s attendees. “It’s a great atmosphere and I’m really glad we won.”

Both players and spectators alike also raised their fists to the sky in union to honor the memory of former football play Skyler McConville. With ‘Skybuck’ written on shirts and cheeks, students continued to remember their fallen friend and teammate. The team scored a purposeful 61 points, 61 having been McConville’s previous football number.

“With the motivation from our brother to play for him, we came out and dominated football,” senior Zach Mann said. “We scored 61 and kept it there to honor one of our own.”