Repairing Brookville: New Courts for Sports


Still undergoing repairs, the main gym has yet to be opened.

Erin McKown, Administrator

Over the course of the summer, Brookville undertook two major repairs to the main gym and the tennis courts. Suffering from flooding and storm damage, the gym had to undertake major repairs to the flooring, whereas the tennis courts were worn down from a large amount of rain and sun exposure.

Funded by the city rather than the school, the tennis courts at Brookville recently finished repairs, replacing the once cracked and old courts with new, brighter ones. The project began in June and concluded in recent weeks.

“I love the new courts,” sophomore Nadia Reaves said, who is a part of the girls tennis team. “There’s no cracks, and they all look neat, clean, and precise. Now everything looks so flat, even where we used to have indentions. We have the maroon, too, so it feels like it’s not just anyone’s court, but it’s our court now.”

The appreciation for the repairs is also shared by senior Bailey Livingston, who, like Reaves, is also an avid tennis player and a part of the girls tennis team.

“I think the courts are something the tennis team can take pride in because they were a mess,” Livingston stated. “People were actually tripping before, so now that they’re fixed we’re not going to have any of those issues.”

Despite the tennis courts completion, the main gym at Brookville is still in disuse. Repairs are currently underway, leaving the gym unable to be utilized by gym classes and sports teams.

“I’m sad that the court got flooded, because we haven’t had anything to practice on,” junior Carrington Osborne said, who plays for the varsity volleyball team. Because of the gym’s closure, Osborne and the rest of the team have had to take to different locations to play. “We’ve had to have volleyball practices in the old gym, and so far all our home games have been away,” Osborne added.

However, for students like junior Justin Lynch, the gym was already in need of repair, and the flood damage helped to bring the process of fixing it about.

“The gym floor needed to be replaced anyway,” Lynch said. “It was old and it needed to go. That gym was on its last leg.”