Reshaping Labor: Artificial Intelligence


A staple for modern Internet users, Google uses artificial intelligence as a service for its many users.

Lucia Andrades, Contributor

The appearance of technology has drastically transformed our society, and now something that we thought we would only see in movies is becoming a reality. Artificial intelligence is on its way to change the labor market as we used to know it.

“AI has the potential to boost the economy and pave the way for an abundance of new careers. If used properly, artificial intelligence can be implemented in a variety of fields,” sophomore Jenny Ham said. “As the use of artificial intelligence continues to rise, the general population must acquire the technical skills necessary to keep up with technological advances.”

Already, artificial intelligence machines can do many tasks where learning and judgment is required, including self-driving cars, insurance assessments, stock trading, accounting, HR and many duties in healthcare. 40% of the world’s jobs could be done by machines in 15 years from now.

“While AI can never truly take away the number of jobs-as people will need to work with the AI, AI will continue to hinder the modern man in the workforce by forcing efficiency just in order to garner a couple more cents for a corporation’s pocket,” junior Lauren Chase said.

However, AI has been around longer than most people realize. By the 1950s, there were generations of scientists developing the concept of AI. The intention behind the use of robots is to free us from easy and repetitive tasks, giving us more time to grow our intellects and businesses, with more interesting and evolving actions as humans.

“I see it as an advantage because the better the technology the better off your society will be,” junior Jamari Anthony said. “That’s why I think studying and having specific skills is even more important now that AI is replacing the easiest jobs.”