Brookville’s Team of Student Mentors

Brookvilles Team of Student Mentors

Coleen Reed, Contributor

A mentor is someone who helps others, someone who advises and is experienced. Here at Brookville, we have mentors who genuinely love to help the underclassmen here in the school.

“Being a mentor means being a leader to those around me and really setting an example for my mentee, other mentees, the underclassmen, and even some seniors,” senior Shaundrea Burton said.

Mentors at Brookville serve an important role in multiple students’ lives. They gain close friendships and radiate guidance to those who seek it. Many of the ‘mentees’ look forward to talking with their mentor.

“Being a mentor to me is like being someone’s best friend. You’re there for them when they are feeling down and they are able to tell you their deepest secrets that they’ve never been able to tell other people. We are a guide for them, we are their role models. They really look up to us and it’s an amazing feeling. Being a mentor is one of the best decisions I could have made,” senior Megan Brennan said.

Ms. Sarah Davis leads the mentor class along with the counseling office. They, along with their class of filled of juniors and seniors, make up the mentor team that Brookville has. They do teams exercises and games with their mentees frequently.

“All the family ‘up’ we do, makes me realize that we are a family and we are together,” senior Casey Howell said.

Talking to someone who is around the same age group as you, is sometimes easier than speaking to an adult. Mentors are required to keep confidentiality.

“We have to have really good questioning and listening skills, and we have to respond in a way that won’t sound mean or judgey,” Brennan said.

The mentors also look up to their mentees as they gain close friendships with each other. It teaches them growth and  allows them to excel in helping out others.

“Being a mentor means everything to me, it lets me be myself and help out. My favorite part is watching a young kid grow into a mature young person and helping out in Ms. Summy and Ms. Burns class,” senior Dakota Massie said.