Swim Team Triumphs at States


Lucia Andrades, Contributor

Reaching 4th place overall among 20 other high schools, the Brookville Swimming Team broke school records in the Richmond States Meet at SwimRVA February 16th.

“They have done an outstanding job at states by placing 4th, the highest they have ever got. It has truly been a good experience to hang out with the whole team and I will miss them dearly when I graduate,” senior Andrew Vankuren said. “It was an amazing experience to be able to hang out with my friends in a hotel and just goof off. I loved being in Richmond for States.”

Breaking personal records, Brookville swimmers faced huge competition in one of the most important meets of the season. Brandon Naylor placed 2nd in 100m Backstroke, and 5th in 200 IM. Colby Childress placed 3rd in 100m Backstroke, and 2nd in 500m Freestyle. Finally, Daniel Pettyjohn placed 3rd in 100m Breaststroke, and 4th in 200 IM. Besides these podium achievements, there were scoring contributions from Cameron St. Clair, Kyle Sennett and Clinton Spahr, including a 400m freestyle consolation heat victory.

“As a year round competitive swimmer, I am never satisfied. It won’t matter how fast I go, I will always think I can get faster,” junior Daniel Pettyjohn said. “I had solid performances. I have a 59.92 in the 100 breast so I added a little time. I gave 100% effort, but I think I can go faster in future meets.”

Showing a great teamwork, Brookville High School relays also scored high. Receiving “Second Team All State Honors,” Pettyjohn, Brent Riner, Childress and Naylor placed 2nd in the 200m Freestyle Relay. Moreover, the Medley Relay placed 4th and the 400m Freestyle Relay placed 9th.

“I could not be more proud of my teammates for this season. This was my final year of swimming for the school, and I will never forget the love I have received from all of my teammates,” VanKuren continued. “They put in tons of hard work to make our swim team look good. I just hope that they will keep on making everyone proud with their courage, strength, and dedication.”

Also, the Diving States Meet was held February 14th, at St. Catherine’s School pool. Two divers from Brookville got the chance to compete. Ethan Mayfield, who placed 6th with 302.00 points, and Killian Lewis, who placed 8th with 295.15. Two State Finalist in the high school’s inaugural season of diving.

“I’ve been swimming competitively since the age of five but I only have three months of diving under my belt. I’ve been going to states for swimming as an alternate for years, but this was my first time actually going and competing in diving. At states, you try to stay focused but it’s hard to not to start a conversation with the other divers because we all were feeling the same pressure ” junior Killian Lewis said. “The announcers say your name and your dive number and the particular dive you are about to perform. The whole room is quiet and you try to just focus on nothing but your breathing and what you are about to attempt.”