New Bees At The Hive

Joyce Mac, Contributor

Every year Brookville High School accepts new students who live within the school district. This year, Brookville has accepted over 90 student transfers from schools within the county and schools out of state.

Junior Ronesia Clark joined Brookville around mid-August from Heritage High School, and so far is enjoying the atmosphere and classes offered up at Brookville.

“For the most part, Brookville students were really accepting,” Clark said. “Girls would walk up to me and just talk to me like I have known them for years.”

However, changing schools can be hard because of all the new people, new routines, and the new school system. Considering these factors, new students have not always had it easy from the start.

It’s a whole new school system for me in a really rough year and the student body is less diverse than I’m used to,” senior Diamond Hancock said.

Like Hancock, Clark also found Brookville to be less diverse, but nonetheless welcoming.

“It’s different from what I’m used to,” Clark continued. “My school was more diverse and the rules are way less strict there.”

Junior Noah Malina joined Brookville around mid-august from Liberty Christian Academy, a private school, and is now enjoying the public school life.  

“I really like it here in Brookville. It’s very chill and easy to keep up with the classes here,” Malina said. “In general, people here are so friendly and generous.”

Junior Victoria Snow moved from Colonial Heights High School and joined Brookville on the August 14th. She is both a part of the school Debate Team and Ace Team, and enjoys the club opportunities the school offers.

“The first day of school wasn’t really that welcoming. People pretended that I wasn’t there and looked at me weird,” Snow said. “But after a week or two more people started to be more open and talkative towards me, and it made the classes much more comfortable and more fun. I really like Brookville.”