Record Breaking Year for Women in Congress


Shown are six of the 98 women sworn into congress, including Alexandria Oscasio-Cortez, Ayannay Pressley, Ilhan Omar,Deb Haaland, Veronica Escobar, and Sharice Davids, all of different races and religions.

Coleen Reed, Contributor

Newly elected Congresswomen from across the United States have broken records. In the Congressional election of 2018, over 100 women were elected into the House of Representatives, women of all different races and ethnicities. From voting in the youngest woman ever to having women of color, all 102 women have successfully broken American history.

“I think we’re moving in such a cool new direction. I think it’s so awesome that we had so many women elected because it’s so male dominated,” junior Jenai Harf said.

The House of Representatives still has more men, but at the rate it’s going the women are slowly catching up. In the future, this will be the history that thousands of women fought for so many years ago.

“I think it’s so inspiring for little girls to look at and see that they could do that one day,” Harf said.

“I feel that getting the government to be a melting pot with different races and genders helps out the viewpoint of congress to try and relate to the younger generations. Women are becoming more and more equal with men in a position of power, and it shows how far civil rights can come and has come,” senior Owen Martin said.

Women haven’t always had the equal rights they deserve, but as society continues to grow and develop, women are slowly but surely becoming as they want. Being in the position of power that these women are currently in proves that.

“The future is female,” senior Jordan Fowler said. “Looking and seeing women that share the same skin complexion as I do, allows me to think that I could go that far, maybe not represent our nation, but to have a pedestal in which another little girl can look at me in the future and think ‘wow, she looks like me and I can do that too’.”

As America continues to grow and continues to unite above the differences it may have, records are continuing to be broken and history is being made each day.