Girls’ Tennis Kicks Off Their Spring Season


Lucia Andrades, Contributor

Another tennis season has started, and our Brookville girls tennis team did it on a bright note last Monday 11th in the Scrimmage against William Campbell, with a victory of 9-0.

“The atmosphere in tennis is something I enjoy more than in other sports. I am super bummed that it’s my last year playing at Brookville. But I’m also excited because our team is probably the best it’s been since my freshman year,” senior Bailey Livingston said. “Even after I’m gone, I’ll be happy to know we have strong lowerclassmen who will carry the team.”

Last year, only the team’s number one doubles made it to Regionals. However, Livingston believes the entire team will succeed as a whole this year and make it even further.

“I think this season we will make it even further than last year and be able to beat some of the harder teams like LCA, JF and EC Glass, that we haven’t been able to defeat before,” Livingston continued. “I think overall the team could have a better attitude about going up against harder teams. We should not expect to lose but strive to win.”

“I’m really expecting not just a growth in our tennis skills, but in teamwork and really digging deep to become the best team we can be,” said sophomore Nadia Reaves. “Having a group of people playing a sport together doesn’t automatically make you a team, it’s the way in which we connect, have each other’s backs, and put our heart into our matches.”

With new players in the team, including all four Brookville exchange students, there are high expectations for the season.

“As it’s my first time playing tennis, I can only hope to improve, but I’m having a great time and that’s all that matters to me. My expectations for the season are to have more fun and to get better at playing,” junior Grace Flaig said.  “I’m excited about the games. I’ve never competed in anything before so it’s both exciting and nerve wracking.”