A Student’s Plan to Remember Friends


Coleen Reed, Contributor


Downtown Lynchburg is peaceful place for adventure, picture taking, and exercising. However, junior Maggie Mace wishes it to be something more. She’s hoping to create a memorial with five park benches to allow us to remember the ones we’ve lost. Mace is raising money for the benches to be located along the trail of Percival’s Island downtown.

The community has been struck with the sudden loss of young teens in the last few years. One being Avonlea Wilmer, Mace’s inspiration for the memorial. Wilmer passed away suddenly in December of 2015, shocking many people.

“I didn’t know how to cope or what to do,” Mace said, talking about Wilmer’s passing. Mace considered Wilmer like a sister.

The benches will be for anyone who wishes to use them as a place for strength or just a place to think. They will be located along the Percival’s  Island walking trail.

“By building this trail I want to help other students eliminate the loneliness that comes with losing a close friend at a young age,” continued the junior.

Mace is raising money for the benches and hopes to have them installed on the trail in the next few months.