Student MUAs at Brookville


Junior Mi’Kel Jenkin’s perfectly pink makeup during Spirit Week helps represent the Breast Cancer Awareness Movement.

Erin McKown, Administrator

Widespread and growing, the makeup community is taking over. With beauty gurus dominating the Internet, cosmetics stores popping up, and skin care becoming more practiced, makeup is becoming widely appreciated worldwide and in the Brookville community.

Although makeup is regularly practiced, for students like junior Mi’kel Jenkins makeup is more than just an artform- it’s a passion.

“Makeup to me means creativity and expression,” Jenkins said. “I use it as a way to express myself and also boost my self confidence. Makeup is like an escape to me and it actually makes me very excited.”

Beauty influencers are also on the rise, garnering over millions of followers on social platforms like YouTube and Instagram. For Jenkins, discovering his beauty icon was inspiring.

“When I discovered a YouTuber named HeFlawless, I instantly was pulled in,” Jenkins said. “I had never seen any boys wearing makeup, so it was like an eye-opening experience in a way. The makeup thing switched from a wish to a possibility because of it.”

For junior McKenzie Rigney, makeup is something that brings out natural beauty, and should be appreciated.

“Everyone is already beautiful, and makeup is just enhancing that beauty,” Rigney said. “That is the mindset I have when doing my makeup everyday. When I am done, I want to look in the mirror and love what I see.”

Students like freshman Bethany Jamison practice makeup as well, but with a twist. Jamison practices special effects makeup regularly by styling theater actors and actresses before performances and rehearsals. In her freetime, she also practices on herself.

“I started doing makeup in about sixth grade when I was bored,” Jamison said, whose passion for makeup grew after styling herself for Halloween. “Now, I do it all the time.”