Varsity Boys Soccer’s Fast-Coming Triumphs


Lucia Andrades, Contributor

Soccer season had a good start for our Varsity boys. With a score of 7-0, Brookville won a Scrimmage against Altavista in an away game.

“I didn’t feel pressured at all, honestly,” junior Zach Miles, who plays as goalie, said. “It was a scrimmage and a really easy game. I only made one save, though. The rest was my team’s doing.”

Dominating possession of the ball and having a strong attacking threat along with a solid defense backing them up, Brookville boys soccer defeated Altavista’s game.

“We really came together in a way Brookville soccer hasn’t been able to the last few years,” senior Chris Cline said. “We are in really good shape and we’re going to be a hard team to beat this season.”

With two goals each, Fernando Romero and Lleyson Raymundo were the top scorers of the game, followed by Noah Fulmer, Camden Hudgens and Bowen Ewers.

The truth is it was easy, because the goalkeeper was not good,” sophomore Fernando Romero said. “I think this season will be the best one I’ll have in all the time I’ve been in the United States.”

At that moment I felt a lot of emotion,” Lleyson Raymundo said. “I hope to help and show that we are a really strong team and that this year we are very motivated.”