JV and Varsity Baseball Defeat Altavista


Lucia Andrades, Contributor

Brookville JV and Varsity Baseball defeated Altavista Wednesday, March 20th, with a respective score of 13-5 and 14-0.

“It was a very slow but fun game,” freshman and JV player Trey Erb said. “I wouldn’t say that they were easy to beat, but they weren’t the best team on the field yesterday.”

“It was a good game,” junior and Varsity player Addisen Pedro said. “We made a few mistakes but we overcame them and were able to bounce back.”

For both teams, pitching and defense was spot on along with a solid offense throughout the game. Kyle Hammock and Pedro were key pitchers for Varsity while Caden Martin and Erb were for JV.

“Hitting was a big strong point because we made them have to make a play,” Erb said. “Our base running was also a strong point because we always stayed focused on the pitcher and the ball.”

“We just started playing together better and stopped trying to do too much at once,” Pedro said.

Both freshmen, JV player Kevin Breimann and Varsity player Jed Howard scored Home Runs for their teams.

“It felt great to come up for my team after being out that whole week,” Breimann said. “It was a huge momentum shifted.”

“My teammates were all excited because it was the first homerun of the year,” Howard said. “I felt great and I expect to make it to states.”