Beating JF: Girls’ Tennis Smashing Win


Lucía Andrades, Contributor

The girls’ Brookville Tennis Team beat JF for the second time this season last Monday, April 22nd, with a score of 5-4 overall. Winning two doubles matches and three singles, Brookville made it to third place in the season, with only E.C.Glass and LCA ahead.

“JF is always the one rival we want to beat. This is a big accomplishment for us because we can say, as a tennis team, we beat JF,” junior Erin Mckown, who plays number three singles, said. “All our training and all our practices have come together for this one match that we were all looking forward to. Everybody looks forward to playing JF.”

Brookville’s tennis doubles triumphed over JF’s. Number one doubles, sophomore Joyce Mac and senior Bailey Livingston, won 9-8 after a close match and a tiebreaker. Covering openings and being aware of their movements and tactics, they defeated JF’s smart ball play and fast returns.

“I think Joyce and I had good teamwork. She usually comes up with the plan to beat them and we try to execute it together,” Livingston, who plays number two singles, said. “Joyce is an amazing player, not only because she’s talented, but because she is always thinking of a way to beat her opponents or get ahead.”

“It was a closer match than last time we played them. They’ve improved tactically and we knew each other’s play,” Mac, who plays number one singles, said. “We made it to the tiebreak, which was a little bit scary. It’s what determines who’s going to lose and who’s going to win.”

JF’s consistency, hard serves, and spin could not stop Brookville from winning half of the singles matches and a final total victory.

“Number one through four were very strong and evenly matched, and we all struggled to play them. We tried our best and we came through in the end because we saw through the consistency and the angle shots,” McKown said.

“My singles opponent had really good serve skills. I was kind of nervous about receiving her serves, but most of the time I was able to hit it back and stay strong,” senior Lily Sugawara, who plays number six singles, said. “I just did my best. Every time I play I do my best and respect my opponent.”