Cyber Patriots Host All-Female Contest

Joyce Mac, Contributor

This year, Brookville has joined the Girls Go CyberStart, an all girls’ cyber security program to help introduce the field. Last year there was more than 6,600 high school girls who played. Participants are able to win cash prizes for themselves, their school, and even a scholarship for college.

“I have always been interested in engineering and cyber security, and I really liked how the cyber game was exclusive for girls,” sophomore Jenny Ham said. “I hope to gain more experience in cryptology and just cyber security in general. I believe that the game will be a good learning experience.”

There is no experience required for joining. The program wishes to introduce more females to the field of technology, coding, and cyber security. It targets people who enjoy using logic, doing puzzles, math or even music.

“From what I’ve seen, it was challenges with decoding messages. Some of them were really easy and simple but others used a lot more brain power,” senior Faith Fielder said. “I think growing up with a computer had a lot of influence on me and made me want to actually go out and buy my own PC to run more programs.”

Currently, there are five girls that are interested in the game at Brookville High School. Right now, they are going through the training part that they have until April 12th. On the April 22nd, they will have a game where new challenges will occur with cyber security principles. However, the actual game of Capture The Flag where you can win the cash prizes will take place from June 5th to 7th.

“The challenge I am experiencing through the game is hard, but it challenges me in different ways and really put me on a test,” sophomore Natalie Sheets said.