Preparing for the PSAT

Morgan Schmitt, Reporter

Deep in thought, sophomores and juniors were preparing for the PSAT’s. Some students decided to start practicing before it was time to take the test on October, 19. For the juniors that had taken the PSAT’s a scholarship could’ve been giving out to apply for colleges. Junior Kyleigh Tanner was practicing before the test had taken place.

“To prepare for the PSAT’s, I’ve been practicing how to answer the test questions faster,” Tanner said. “I know there is a scholarship involved but whatever happens happens. I’m not going to stress about it,” Tanner said.

For the sophomores, the PSAT’s were to help the students prepare for the junior PSAT test the following year. Some students like sophomore Lora Callahan, had gotten help from an instructor to be ready for the long test.  

“A few weeks ago, I took practice tests and I practiced the material in the PSAT book,” Callahan said. “The test was hard but I’m doing better and hopefully I’ll get the scholarship next year,” the sophomore said.

Some of the people in charge of PSAT preparations is the guidance counselors. One guidance counselor in particular, Mrs.Traci Daniels knows that testing is everyone’s least favorite part about a school year.

“My advice before taking the test would be to get a good night’s rest, eat breakfast and relax so you can do your best,” Mrs. Daniels said. “Don’t worry about the time limit because honestly I think it should be shorter. For every student that is working towards the scholarship, you must work extremely hard and do test preparations for extra practice,” Mrs. Daniels said.