Cyber Patriots Host All-Female Contest

Joyce Mac, Contributor

May 16, 2019

This year, Brookville has joined the Girls Go CyberStart, an all girls’ cyber security program to help introduce the field. Last year there was more than 6,600 high school girls who played. Participants are able to win cash prizes for...

New Bees At The Hive

Joyce Mac, Contributor

March 25, 2019

Every year Brookville High School accepts new students who live within the school district. This year, Brookville has accepted over 90 student transfers from schools within the county and schools out of state. Junior Ronesia...

Should You Study Abroad?

Lucia Andrades, Contributor

March 20, 2019

Globalization has become a reality, and American college graduates lack the international experience, language capabilities and cultural communication skills necessary to succeed in this global economy with only about 10 perc...

With sleeve drawn back, senior Colin Rector shows his cultural-based tattoo.

Too Young to Tattoo?

March 6, 2019

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