2018-2019 Staff

Tatum Fortino

My name is Tatum Fortino, and this is my second year at Brookville. I moved here freshman year due to my stepdad’s work. My hobbies are tennis, singing, playing guitar, wrestling, and I also write in my spare time....

Joyce Mac

Hi, my name is Joyce and I’m an exchange student from Denmark. Hyggeligt at møde dig! To be honest, I don’t like to write at all, so it makes no sense why I joined journalism. But since I am only going to be here for a ye...

Kailyn Baumann

  Hi, there! Sorry, this is kind of awkward for me. Ha! My name is Kailyn Baumann and I am a newbie journalist for the Beeline. Though I don’t show it often, I am socially awkward and have a hard time opening up to new p...

Jocelyn Gurik

Hi, my name is Jocelyn Gurik. I’m new to all this journalism and writing stuff, so I’ll try my best to make it good. There’s not a lot of stuff to know about me, but if you may know I’m really shy and awkward. I have ...

William Jackson

Yo, this is William Jackson. I am a kind, bold,  passionate, funny , compassionate, and able to put myself inside other people’s shoes or, in other words, their situations. Things I like to do are make movies, gaming with fr...

Miles Fludd

My name is Miles Fludd and I am on the football, wrestling, and track and field team. When I grow up, I want to be a sports journalist, and that's why I wanted to take journalism.  

Lucia Andrades

Hi, my name is Lucia and I’m an exchange student from Spain. I consider myself a curious, empathetic, optimistic and ambitious person.

Erin McKown

Hello, my name's Erin. This is my third year of journalism, and I hope that our publication team will be prosperous this year and distribute the news out to the Brookville community. I love writing, and so I enjoy this class as...

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