Hi, my name is Joyce and I’m an exchange student from Denmark. Hyggeligt at møde dig!

To be honest, I don’t like to write at all, so it makes no sense why I joined journalism. But since I am only going to be here for a year, why not try to challenge myself and come out of my comfort zone? Hopefully I'll leave with no regrets!

I decided to be an exchange student because I wanted to experience American culture and become fluent in English. I also wanted to explore myself; who am I as a person, what do I want to do in life, and what do I like or dislike etc. So far my hobbies are studying, play tennis, exercising, observing people (I know it's kind of weird), and watching movies and series.

Sometimes when I meet people I feel like I am wearing a mask because I can’t show them who I really am; I am afraid of what people think of me or the prejudice they might have. I might appear as an introvert, but that’s just because I am shy. I will become more extroverted as you get to know me, and when you know me really well you might also know that I am really weird sometimes, but guess what? No one is normal!

Joyce Mac, Contributor

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Joyce Mac